Peter Evans – Beyond Civilized And Primitive

12″ LP – 180 gram – edition of 500 – £15


BEYOND CIVILIZED AND PRIMITIVE is the new solo album by American maverick trumpeter Peter Evans. Titled after a thought provoking essay by philosopher Ran Prieur, it is a heavyweight pressing and comes housed in hand screenprinted wrap around sleeves featuring the forceful brushwork of 15 year old artist Owen Gould.
Recorded during two sessions at Eastcote Studios, London, this album sees Evans push into uncharted territory by utilizing the recording facilities as compositional tools. Overdubbing and looping are the two significant techniques employed on this album.
In the first two tracks Evans pushes his instrument and his lungs to its opposite extremes whilst testing the listener’s stamina. The closer of Side A, however, is also the first track to make use of studio experimentation featuring both looping and overdubbing. Following are a steaming duo freely improvised by two trumpets and an extended recording of the innermost grumbles and utterances of the instrument. The album finally ends with an epic two part piece which needs to be heard to be believed!
The first 100 copies of the LP come with a bonus 3″ CDR which features four additional pieces from the studio sessions.

DWR007, released 2011

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Side A

complexity, change, invention, stability, giving, freedom, and both the past and the future

History Is Broken

What Is Possible?

Side B

We like hot baths and sailing ships and recorded music and the internet, but we worry that we can’t have them without exterminating half the species on Earth, or exploiting Asian sweatshop workers, or dumping so many toxins that we all get cancer, or overextending our system so far that it crashes and we get eaten by roving gangs.

simple tools for complex reasons

our nature is not a location