Dancing Wayang Records is a small independent record label which aims to provide artists with free studio time and access to high quality recording facilities and equipment. The label is our platform on which we combine our love for experimental and largely non-commercial music and sound and the process of sound engineering.

Most of our releases have been recorded at Eastcote Studios, an independently run studio in West London which first opened its doors in 1980. Studio 1, where most of the Dancing Wayang sessions take place, features a 1971 MCI mixing console at its heart and both digital and analogue recording methods have been used on DWR releases. There’s a great selection of microphones, a grand piano, an array of vintage and modern synthesisers and other instruments for the artists’ use.

The Dancing Wayang sessions are released in very limited vinyl-only editions. Each cover is screenprinted and numbered by hand and have in themselves become an integral part of the label’s philosophy. The first 100 copies of some of the releases have been accompanied by a bonus 3″ CDR featuring additional exclusive material.

Eastcote Studios - Studio 1

Eastcote Studios – Studio 1