N.E.W. (Noble.Edwards.Ward.) – Motion

N.E.W. (Noble.Edwards.Ward.) – MOTION
180 gram vinyl album with free digital download

edition of 300 – £15

Motion is the full-length studio album by London based power jazz trio of Steve Noble on drums, John Edwards on double bass and Alex Ward on electric guitar. It was recorded at Eastcote Studios, London and pressed on heavyweight black vinyl in a limited edition of 300. It comes packaged in hand-screenprinted wrap-around sleeves featuring ancient cave drawings chosen specifically by Steve Noble for this release. The insert features liner notes by Thurston Moore.

Steve Noble, John Edwards and Alex Ward have played together for over a decade and have become one of London’s tightest units locking in and breaking apart with uncanny telepathy and synchronicity. Operating at the junction of free improv and rock, they swing and shred in equal measure. Both modes, and the effortless, deft moves across the spaces between, are represented in fine style on this release.

Live, N.E.W. seem to embody the classic power trio… whether we’re talking jazz or rock, it’s the power that counts. Alex on guitar contorts wildly, both sonically and physically, thrashing in his chair to the death metal moves in his head, Steve sits rock steady and immutable at his drum kit, other than his limbs, which form a chaotic blur producing the most precise of sounds, and John has eyes tight shut and explores, brutalizes and caresses every facet of his bass. This record is as close as you get to the incomparably exhilarating experience of seeing N.E.W. play live.

Beautifully recorded with fine attention to detail, Motion puts you within a headbanging flick of Alex’s bouffant hair. Within the blast zone of that power that has shaken the walls many times at all of London’s long-standing improv nights. Within infectious distance of the evident joy that these three musicians bring to creating this sound, moment by unrepeatable moment.

The first 100 copies of the LP come with a bonus 3″ CDR which features two additional pieces from the studio sessions. The bonus disk edition has now SOLD OUT.

DWR008, released 2014

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