Press Kit – The Eastcote Studios Session by Borbetomagus

As the fractured static storm gradually subsides, billowing gusts of horn playing begin to swirl into shape, as Borbetomagus channel their musical energy directly into the same current that produced Albert Ayler’s Spiritual Unity, The Frank Wright Quartet’s Church Number Nine and John Coltrane’s Ascension. -from the LP liner notes by Edwin Pouncey (Savage Pencil, The Wire)


Artist: Borbetomagus

Album: The Eastcote Studios Session

Format: 180 gram LP album

Cat. Number: DWR011

Limited Edition: 500

Release: 25 November 2016

Download press release: Word document

Download sleeve art: hi-res jpeg

Download LP Insert with Liner Notes by Edwin Pouncey: pdf

Distribution North America: Jimmy at Forced Exposure

Label Contact: Anna at Dancing Wayang Records

Borbetomagus by Ken Weiss

Photo by Ken Weiss

Borbetomagus at Eastcote Studios London

Photo by Anna Tjan

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Side A

1. DIS

Side B

1. DAT

Borbetomagus The Eastcote Studios Session LP