Press Kit – Bring Us Some Honest Food by Alan Courtis / Aaron Moore

Since we’re “Post-Everything” and we’ve heard it all it takes a special ability to be able to craft something “NEW”. These guys aren’t following anyone. Stopped dead in my tracks, trying to be fair, objective, but when music humbles you, that is when it becomes so glorious, stupefying and has the power to bring one to their knees.   – Tom Recchion (Smegma, LAFMS) on “Bring Us Some Honest Food”


Artist: Alan Courtis & Aaron Moore

Album: Bring Us Some Honest Food

Format: 180 gram LP album

Cat. Number: DWR010

Limited Edition: 500

Release: 27th April 2015

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Download sleeve art: jpeg | pdf (hi res) – square format front panel only

Download LP Insert with Liner Notes by Tom Recchion: jpeg | pdf (hi res)

Distribution North America: Jimmy at Forced Exposure

Label Contact: Anna at Dancing Wayang Records

Courtis Moore Cover Full

Courtis Moore Bring Us Some Hones Food

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Side A

1. Portions Of Honesty (0:00 – 4:35 min)
2. The Honest Waitress (4:30 – 11:30 min) – track 3 above
3. Honest Pork Pie (11:17 – 19:07 min)

Side B

1. Dishonest Dessert